​HAVAL H6, 3 Million Worldwide


On March 27, the commemorative ceremony titled “Marvelous H6, Champion for Ten Years in a Row–All Here to Share the Honor of 3 Million” was initiated cloud live on dozens of domestic platforms synchronously, HAVAL and customers worldwide getting together to witness the moment of glory.

Since the launch in 2011, HAVAL H6, a highly-recognized marvelous existence, has shown the world accumulative sales of 3 million sets by the end of December 2019, impressing the whole globe deeply with its name. Faced with the outbreak and challenged by the risk of full-range infection world over, HAVAL bravely carried on together with all its global customers and took the initiative to hold the previously planned global ceremony by means of cloud release on domestic platforms, transmitting courage and confidence at such a special moment when people all over the globe share the same fate.

Dashing into the 3M Club with so much momentum, HAVAL H6, on behalf of Chinese self-dependent auto brand, has become a remarkable pole in the world auto industry. Undoubtedly, such high sales are attributable to the energetic development of Chinese auto market, the biggest one in the world, but more to the efforts made by HAVAL H6. Under the backdrop of a rapidly changing auto market, HAVAL H6 cautiously and confidently takes each step, setting out to reach the summit. It is with perseverance and courage that it creates the legend of “the First and the Only Champion” for six times.

HAVAL H6 has made an all-sided breakthrough, among others the difficulties, the growth speed, the influence, the record holding duration, the highest record and the service quality. Statistical data has shown that HAVAL H6 is the first and the only Chinese auto model that achieves the sales of 3 million sets. By the end of Year 2019, global sales of HAVAL H6 reached 3 million sets and it enjoyed the highest accumulative sales that other Chinese auto models have never done, writing a legend in the history of Chinese auto market.
In addition, HAVAL H6 is also the first and the only Chinese auto model that creates sales of 3 million sets in only 8 years; appears on the list of global annual Top 10 SUVs successively in 5 years; impresses Chinese auto market with notable SUV sales of over 80,000; enjoys the glory of domestic sales champion for 7 years in a row and accumulative 81 months, reaching the peak of domestic market when the monthly sales astonishingly soared to 80,495 sets, one set sold every 33s. It must also be mentioned that from 2015 to 2019, HAVAL H6 always ranked the first in respect of CACSI (Chinese Auto Customer Satisfaction Index) market segment.