All-new in its sleek design and attractive shape, the sleek and stylish design of the car appears HAVAL 6, At the same time using a combination of aluminum and LED lights to give the sporty appearance of the car


Delicate design and exquisite craftsmanship give you a perfect sensual enjoyment. Superior materials and detail-oriented design present you a high-end art taste. The “fluid” cab, with its the full-color digital instrument or spacious and comfortable leather seats, or the multi-function steering wheel and an embedded 9-inch centrally-controlled screen, is of unique style and shows its glamour at hand.

Cross Traffic Alert (CTA)

Relying on the radar sensor, this system detects the moving vehicles behind the vehicle when reversing. In case that a dangerous vehicle approaches, the alarm light inside the door will give a warning accompanied by an audible alarm to remind the driver.

Lane change assist (LCA)

Real-time detection is performed for the left and right blind spots of the vehicle via the radar detector. In the case of danger when changing the lane, the alarm light inside the door will give a warning and reminder.

Lane Departure Warning

LDW system will send alarm information after detecting unintentional lane departure, so as to trigger the vehicle alarm and remind the driver to return to the lane in order to improve the running safety of the vehicle.

360 Camera View System

The panoramic multi-view image system is designed to collect the image surrounding the vehicle through 4 wide-angle cameras and transmit the image signal to the display, thereby assisting the driver in safe and easy parking.


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Generally composed of thousands of parts, a vehicle’s quality will be ultimately affected by the quality and reliability of each part. Therefore, it is particularly important to attach great importance to every minimum unit constituting a vehicle from the very beginning for building a high-quality vehicle.