Enjoy utility-terrain off-road performance

Front Double-wishbone Suspension

Double-wishbone independent front suspension, with a classic structure of strong off-road SUV, has two wishbones that could absorb motion transverse forces at the same time, so that the support only bears body weight. Therefore, transverse rigidity is high enough to ensure the tyre contacts ground closely, and the body is stable under various road conditions. The Upper and lower wishbones with unequal length can change camber angle when wheels are moving up and down to reduce tread variation and tyre wear, also guarantee comfortable driving and seating.

ZF 8-speed Automatic Transmission

It adopts smooth multi-gear ratio, with rapid gear shift and smooth and economic power output. With high bottom gear ratio, continuous strong power output under low gear, and amplified low-speed four-wheel drive (4L) torque, it has better off-road performance.

2.0L Turbocharging Direct Injection Engine

It has 12 advanced technologies, such as professional SUV power adjustment, in-cylinder direct injection,dual-channel pressurization, and dual VVT variable valve timing. The engine reaches the maximum torque of 385N·m at 1800rpm and keeps high torque output until 3600rpm, and realize efficient power of “low speed and high torque”, with both strong power and fuel economy.

Multi-link Dependent Rear Suspension

The Multi-link Dependent Rear Suspension, provides through multi-link design, the controls in multiple directions, greatly reduces the forward and backward forces from the road, ensures a more reliable traveling path of wheels, and effectively improves the smoothness and comfort during acceleration and braking.

Advanced Utility-terrain Control System

With seven driving modes including AUTO, SPORT, SNOW, SAND, MUD, 4L and ECO, as well as advanced all-terrain control performance, you can enjoy driving in all road conditions.

Cruise Control Offroad

In severe road conditions such as snow, sand and rock, the driver can control the driving direction by holding the steering wheel. The engine and braking system will maintain the set speed (5-12KM /h) and avoid skidding and locking, so as to help the driver get out of trouble easily.

Professional Non-bearing Chassis Platform/Professional SUV Super Traffic-ability

Professional chassis structure and frame ensure the torsional and drag resistance property of the body during cross-country and rough road driving, so as to ensure the safety of the occupants,The approach is 28°,the departure angle is 23°,the minimum ground clearance is 206mm, and the maximum fording depth is 700mm.

Turning Assistant by Braking

It improves the turning performance of the vehicle, reduces turning radius, improves vehicle mobility, and solves driving difficulties in extreme road conditions.

Professional Off-road equipment – three differential locks (front, middle, and rear)

It is equipped with front/rear Eaton electronically controlled mechanical differential lock, which can be manually locked, firm and reliable. The central multi-plate clutch differential mechanism can realize the locking function. With powerful equipment, you can enjoy extraordinary cross-country driving.


With new exterior design,

the vehicle has a pure tough beauty with bold and unconstrained design style.

New Exterior Design

With brand new exterior design, the vehicle has a pure hard beauty with a bold and unconstrained design style.

Dynamic Waist Lines

The low-front and high-rear waist lines run through the sides of vehicle to improve the visual length and promote the sporting feeling of HAVAL H9.

Vertical Mighty LED Rear Lamps

The classic rear lamp design of HAVAL mighty SUVs and the LED light sources for brake and position lamps realize a transparent and distinct visual effect.

High-end electric side pedal

It provides passengers with convenient service for getting on or off the vehicle, creating an exclusive and honorable experience.


Enjoy luxurious and comfortable experience.

Soft Interior

With new seat color, diamond stitched seat, it is luxury and delicate, with an extraordinary taste.

Multi-functional Luxury Seat

The high-grade perforated leather wrapped seats with heating, ventilation, and massage functions and the leg support for front row seats improve the comfort for the driver/passengers.

7-inch LCD Dashboard

With three kinds of interfaces, it fully meets your driving needs.

Craftsmanship and comfortable driving

Large space of 7-Seat and flexible and diversified storage spaces build a humanized and comfortable driving and riding experience. The vehicle adopts an advanced noise control technology, and satisfies the needs of consumers with cutting-edge technology, so as to ensure a quiet and comfortable cockpit from noise reduction, noise isolation and noise absorption. The panoramic sunroof design is both luxury and multi-functional.

High-quality electronic shift

The high-quality electronic shift system realizes smooth operation and clear gear position, which is easy to operate and very high-tech.

With three kinds of interfaces, it fully meets your driving needs.

The new Clari-Fi tone quality restoration and the best locatzer adjustment function bring you more electrifying and advanced audio-visual experience.


Enjoy safety driving.

All-round Airbags

The vehicle is equipped with front row seat dual airbags, front row seat side airbags, and longitudinal throughout curtain airbags to achieve a more extensive protection area and, in event of collision, effectively protect the safety of interior passengers.

Bosch 9. 3 Generation ESP

It integrates HDC, HHC, ABS, EBD, HBA, RMI, TCS and other safety configuration, and newly adds P-gear parking, secondary collision mitigation functions. With stronger performance, faster response, higher work efficiency, it keeps the body stable, reduces the accident probability, assists in the body control, and ensures the safety factor under special driving conditions (such as snow and wet road).

L2 Pilot Assist

Science and technology ensures safety. Through the intelligent forward-looking module and radar probe, the active safety protection in all road conditions, all situations and all weather is realized, and the three-dimensional safe mobility mode of active identification, quick action and prevention is truly realized.


The body inclination adjustment assist and light sensation ON/OFF function and the multiple lighting assist functions can meet the lighting needs under different road conditions to intensify the steering lighting and improve the driving safety.