7DCT of GWM was Ranked as one of World Top10 Transmission Again

Fast facts:

  • The 7DCT of HYCET Co., Ltd, GWM, was ranked as one of World Top10 Transmission for three times.
  • 7DCT of GWM has sold over one million units. Many models of HAVAL and WEY have been equipped with it.
  • With continuous investment in R&D, the next-generation products of GWM such as 9DCT will be launched by the end of 2020.

On April 17, the “Lopal Cup” Third World Top10 Transmission announced its results, the 7DCT independently developed by HYCET Co., Ltd, GWM, was ranked as one of World Top10 Transmission again, which is the third consecutive year that GWM has won the title. Meanwhile, HAVAL F7, equipped with this transmission, also became the award-winning model.

The 7DCT of HYCET Co., Ltd, GWM, was ranked as one of World Top10 Transmission

With excellent performance, 7DCT of GWM stood out as one of“Top10 Transmission”

Sponsored by Automobile Evaluation Academy, the “Lopal Cup”World Top10 Transmission brought the world’s top experts together, assessing domestic and imported transmissions and models. The experts adopted the international transmission evaluation index system, evaluating transmissions in more than 10 aspects such as transmission ratio range, transmission efficiency, lightweight, vibration and noise, so as to select transmissions with both innovation and originality. After several rounds of strict evaluation, the 7DCT of HYCET Co., Ltd, GWM, finally stood out and won the title again.

The 7DCT of HYCET Co., Ltd, GWM

Mr. Gerhard Henning, a world’s top transmission expert with more than 30 years of R&D experience, led dozens of industry experts and technical professionals to build the 7DCT in four years, showing the technical level comparable to the world’s top transmission.

Gerhard Henning, Chief Engineer of Transmission System of HYCET Co., Ltd, GWM

Rome was not built in one day. For many years, GWM has been focusing on brand-building and setting up an industry technology benchmark. In order to adopt the best transmission in automotive products, and thereby improve product quality and brand value, GWM has set up a professional international technology development team and cooperated with world-class suppliers. In order to ensure the high quality of products, GWM has cooperated with world-class parts giants such as Continental, BorgWarner and Schaeffler, and built a world-class transmission laboratory and the most advanced and automated transmission factory in China, so as to meet the future capacity demand of 1 million units per year. All these enabled GWM to develop high-quality transmission independently.